Premium Features

Our free features are what makes Yacht Blogs a perfect place to host your blog, but we offer these incredible features to our Captain and Admiral premium blogs. Start your yacht blog now. 

Use Your Own Domain Name

Custom URL

Want to use a custom domain name of your choosing instead of It’s easy to use your own domain name, like, for your Yacht Blogs blog. Domain name purchase not included. Admiral only.

Post Via Email

Updating your blog has never been easier. With post-via-email capability, you don’t even need to sign in! Works great with sail mail and for keeping loved ones updated during long passages. Admiral only.

Live Chat

Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors, engage your readers in real time with Yacht Blogs Live Chat!. Admiral only.

Email Subscriptions

Give your readers a heads-up when you post. Subscriptions keep everyone up to speed with instant or digest emails whenever you post! Captain and Admiral.

Streaming video on your blog screenshot

Streaming Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? While all Yacht Blogs allow for unlimited direct upload of photo, video, and audio, Admiral members get the benefit of embedded content allowing you to stream video from sites like YouTube. Admiral only.

Stop Spam

Stop spam in its tracks with Akismet spam protection and rid yourself of unwanted comments. Captain and Admiral.

Go Ad-Free

Tired of pesky ads on your blog? Want to host your own ads? You can! Our premium blogs are ad-free and allow you to host your own ads, so you can cash in on your blogs success! Captain and Admiral.

Mobile Apps

Did you snap a great photo on your smart phone and want to get it onto your blog? Premium blogs allow you to use the WordPress apps for IPhone and Android to write and edit posts while on the go! Captain and Admiral.

Wordpress mobile apps

Tabs widget


Custom code image



The popular Tabs widget. Place it in your within your blog’s widgetized columns or footers for a great look. Admiral Only

Custom Code

The Custom Code feature provides you with the ability to easy add custom CSS code to your yacht blog, as well as custom HTML code in the section or before the tag. Admiral Only


Another premium feature, ShortLinks automatically generates short URLs for your posts, using your URL shortening service of choice. Great for tweeting your posts! Admiral Only

Ready to begin? Start a sailing or cruising blog with us today!
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