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We think Yacht Blogs is awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Have a look at some of our member’s favorite features, and learn how to build the sailing or cruising blog of your dreams with Yacht Blogs. Every Yacht Blog enjoys the features listed below.
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Share Your Adventure

Tired of spending hours updating your personal website with your latest photos? Start a blog today for your sailboat, trawler, or other boat. Preserve your memories and share your adventures with friends and loved ones back home.

Personalize Your Blog

Don’t you hate that your sailing blog looks the same as everybody else’s sailing blog? Show your unique personality and choose from any of our 125+ beautiful blog themes. All free. All for you.

Get Noticed

Think your blog is just one of millions? At Yacht Blogs, you join a blogging community that focuses on boating in all its forms: sailing, trawlering, power boating, day boating and more. Join a community of like-minded bloggers where your blog is sure to get the attention it deserves!

All Over the Map

No more struggling with amateur map screenshots. Now you can easily embed, customize and use Google maps on your Yacht Blog. Add maps to posts, pages or into your sidebar. Link the map to your posts so and your map becomes an interactive part of your blog. You’ll love just how awesome these maps look on your sailing blog.

Yacht Mapping Tools

Unbeatable Support

Never again worry that you’re in it alone. At Yacht Blogs, we’re standing by to help you with tasks as simple as setting up your blog for the first time or as complex as migrating your blog from its former home. You can count on a fast response to solve your problems.

Add Photo and Video

Your memories are too precious to lose – we know that. Preserve your photos, videos, and audio clips on your Yacht Blog for the future so you’ll never lose them. Adding images or videos into a post is as easy as drag and drop. Embed a YouTube video with the click of a button or share a Flickr album in seconds!

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Live Theme Previews

No more rushing to update your header or background image as soon as you update your blog’s theme. Now you can customize these options before you even activate your theme.

Test out all of our themes with the click of a button. While you’re at it, adjust things like your blog’s title and tagline, menus, and customize your settings.


Live theme previews

And all of this too!

  • Join a community of sailing blogs
  • Host ads on your blog to make money
  • Unlimited posts, pages, and comments
  • Unlimited photos, videos, and audio uploads
  • Personalized avatars with “Gravatar” integration
  • Export and backup tools
  • More than 125 customizable blog themes
  • Dozens of tutorial videos
  • Spam protection
  • Update your blog via email
  • Allow users to subscribe to blog updates
  • Integrated Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Online support and troubleshooting assistance
  • Privacy options (password protection)

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How does Yacht Blogs compare to other sailing blog hosts?

It’s important to make the right decision when choosing a blogging platform for your yacht, sailboat, trawler, or powerboat. There are a range of blogging providers, and the chart below offers you a comparison between our features and theirs.


Chart comparing sailing blogs

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