Post Via Email

Update your blog from anywhere with Post Via Email!

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Update your sailing blog via email from anywhere in the world! Now you can keep in touch with family and friends from afar without ever having to log into your blog. SSB / Sailmail email is supported. 

Updating your blog via email is fast and easy too. Just send an email to the secret email address that you setup and you’re done! You can even include photos, videos, or other attachments in your email to post on your blog.

Update your blog via email

And, like we mentioned, before there are a ton of great options for you to use. You can:

  • Email without logging in to your blog
  • Include photos, videos or other attachments
  • Perfect for SailMail or SSB users
  • Restrict updates to allow only selected email addresses
  • Pre-define templates for your posts
  • Works great with any email provider

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