Amazing Mapping Tools

No more struggling with map screenshots. Now you can easily embed, customize and use Google maps on your Yacht Blog. Add maps to posts, pages or into your sidebar. You’ll love just how awesome these maps look on your sailing blog.

Yacht Blogs Mapping Tools
Adding a map to your sailing blog is a fun and easy way to share your travels with friends and family. Your blog will be fully integrated with Google Maps making it easy to document your trip, add Points of Interest, and even photos!

  • Track your location
  • Share your trip log with family and friends
  • Keep a watchful eye on your vessel
  • Share your journey with the world
With a few clicks of the mouse you can share your location, enter details, and even photos into a Points of Interest in a custom Google Map for your readers to see. See for yourself how Masterplan is using the map to document their cruising history and plans.
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